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Benefits Management

Questions Employers Ask

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Plan Cost?

are comfortable and feel they are getting good value.

enhance your benefits program at a future date

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Will my staff want a plan?

YES. Almost all employees value a benefits plan far in excess of a cash raise.

Will employees value the plan we choose?

Employees to appreciate a benefits plan that provides good value.

Are plans affordable?

Employers are always pleased with how affordable our plans are. We look at a variety of factors in order to match the right cost structure to your unique situation.

Should we share the cost of the plan with our employees?

Most employers share the cost of a plan 50/50 with their employees. Generally employees will expect a cost sharing.

Can the “couple” rate apply to a parent with 1 eligible dependent?

Yes. It can apply to a married couple, common-law spouses, or a single parent with 1 eligible dependent.


Is there much on-going administration?

Not really. Normal ongoing administrator functions are regular maintenance; adding/deleting employee and dependent information, payroll deductions etc.


Prescription and Dental cards are included for all our programs.

    claimsXchange® provider portal     allows Extended Health and     Vision providers to electronically     submit claims on behalf of their     patients.

Will we have support?

Yes! Our structured approach is designed to ensure plans run smoothly, kept current, contains costs, and effectively eliminate common administrative issues that can arise.


No long-term obligations.

Plans can be changed to reflect

a company's changing needs.

Are there membership fees?

No. There are no membership or consulting fees for any of our programs.

Move between plans?

    Yes. You can move seamlessly     between plans as your company’s     needs evolve. Contact us for more     information.

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