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TuGo’s Covid-19 Insurance

Clearbenefits.ca inc is a Managing General Agency for TuGo. On October 28, 2020, TuGo’s COVID-19 Insurance will be available to all partners and on TuGo sales platforms. It’s a new plan available to Canadians traveling abroad to countries designated by the Government...
Commissions - Pooled Program

Commissions- Pooled Program

Pooled Program Commission Rate: Flat 12.5%Initial 12-month annualizationOnce the earned commission equals the advanced commission (advance is paid off) commissions change to monthly as earnedNo reconciliation or chargebacks as long as the policy does not terminate...
Health and Dental Premium Relief Extended for June

Health and Dental Premium Relief Extended for June

The health and dental premium reduction we provided to plan sponsors for April and May gave relief in real-time. In implementing this, it reflected the anticipated decrease in plan member health and dental claims due to pandemic closure of service providers. We...
Support For Small Businesses

COVID 19: Support For Small Businesses In BC

Small Business BC Support For the latest information on small business supports, resources and advisory services during COVID-19, please visit Small Business BC. Advisors are ready to help by phone at 1-800-667-2272, email and daily digital meetups. See how COVID-19...
Prescription Drug Cost

Prescription Drug Costs Breakdown

Understanding the total cost of a prescription drug claims means learning the 3 main components: 1) Ingredient Cost Actual cost the pharmacy pays the drug company or wholesaler to buy the drug. 2) Pharmacy Markup Percentage charged to cover the expenses involved in...
Why we ask for detailed quote information

Why Ask For Detailed Quote Information?

Why we need detailed quote information from your current plan? Detailed Quote Information tells us a story, enabling us to create the right solution Getting involved in a Group Benefits program is different than purchasing a commodity. Most consumers are...
long term disability

Non Evidence Maximums for Long Term Disability plans

ClearBenefits.ca is pleased to announce new Non-Evidence Maximums (NEM’s) for Long Term Disability in our Pooled Programs. The following enhanced LTD Non Evidence Maximum table applies to new business in both our Essentials and Lifestyle programs:                    ...