Are Employee Benefits that Important?

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Do I really need employee benefits? Are employee benefits THAT important? Let’s talk about some reasons why employee benefits are important to employees.

1. Increase Your Appeal As A Business

Benefits are strategically important. They are an important way to get better employees. Skilled and dedicated workers will be drawn to your company with good benefits. Which, will help to create a good strong business.

Having good, tangible benefits will help separate your business from the others. Having benefits will make your business more attractive.

2. Minimize Turnover Rate

Every company wants to be successful and have good employees they can rely on. Having employees coming and going will seriously harm your progress. This will mean constantly hiring new people. Maybe even hiring too fast and ending up with someone who isn’t a good fit. This will result in a talent level lacking.

If you are offering good benefits, this will help employees to stick around for the long run. It shows that you have their best interests in mind and that you value their job performance. When your employees see that, they are more likely to be loyal to you.

3. Increased Focus and Productivity

Lack of benefits can cause your employees to stress out. In turn, will make them less productive at work. How so? When employees get to work, they might be worried about things in their personal life, which means they aren’t focused on their work. Maybe they are thinking about how they will pay for the prescription they need, or how to get the new glasses they can’t afford but need. By providing benefits, this will lessen the stress on your employees and allow them to focus on work.

But maybe now you’re thinking “well that’s great, but aren’t benefits expensive?”

A small business owner providing benefits might not seem affordable. But, you can start by offering low-cost employee benefits. Some are even free! Check out this article that explains low-cost employee benefits!

Some employees are willing to pay a bit more for the good benefits that they want.

Now we see that employees want benefits. It is affordable. Let’s look at what kind of benefits are employees attracted to?

One article explains the benefits most employees want to see in their package

  1. Healthcare and insurance
  2. Paid vacation or time off
  3. Paid parental leave
  4. Pension plan
  5. Wellness program
  6. Mental health insurance

Including these in your benefits package will be sure to attract good, long-lasting employees.

To Summarize,

Employees value benefits (possibly even more than employers do) Employees will choose to stay with your company because of the benefits you offer.

Every company wants to succeed and not have to worry about employee turnover, interviews, and new hires. Benefits will help your company to attract and keep hard-working employees.

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