ContinYou GOLDEN – 2019 Renewal Information

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2019 Renewal Information

Thank you for choosing The Co-operators for your retirement health and dental benefits. We value our relationship and work hard to create an excellent client experience. Your decision to purchase our ContinYouTM GOLDEN product will provide you with peace of mind during your golden years.

Renewal Notice

We are pleased to announce that renewal rates for the 2019 calendar year will not be changing. An adjustment to your premium may occur if you change provinces, age bands or family status. For your reference, the current rate sheet is attached. Have Questions? Great – we have answers! If you have any questions, please call our Group Client Service Centre at 1-800-667-8164 or email us at

Benefits Now® for Plan Members

Benefits Now® for Plan Members is our flexible, online self-serve system that gives you access to plan information 24 hours a day. Through a secure login, you can access general information about your coverage and specific information about your Health and Dental claims. You will also be able to:

  • find current forms
  • print pay-direct drug cards
  • communicate directly with us through the “Ask a Question” feature
  • understand insurance terms with our glossary

Enrol today! Contact our Group Client Service Centre at 1-800-667-8164.

Go Paperless

Going paperless has never been easier. You can choose to receive your Explanation of Benefits statement electronically, as well as have your claim payments deposited directly into your bank account. Simply go to Benefits Now® for Plan Members and select the “enable electronic funds transfer and paperless notifications” from the Profile Management page. Where to log in to Benefits Now® for Plan Members You can log into Benefits Now® for Plan Members using the following website: to read the article released on May 17, 2018 on launch of the Benefits Now® App.

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