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Group RRSP Program

Group Retirement plans from The Co-operators made easy for clients of

Ideal for Groups of 3+ | Lower fees through Pooled Fund IMFs

Investment Options

The Co-operators offer a solid line of high quality investment choices through target-date funds,
asset allocation funds, market-based funds and guaranteed interest accounts.

Customer Service

Receive personalized service from a dedicated client service representative via toll-free phone number from anywhere in Canada. In-person reviews.

Easy-to-use Tools

Our plans now feature easy on-line enrollment. Employees can access their plan information and watch their savings grow online, when it’s convenient for them. A step-by-step investor profile questionnaire and online calculators help employees understand their comfort level with investment risk and plan the level of contributions
required to meet their retirement savings goals.

Plan Management and Communication

Administration, contribution remittance and monitoring reports are done online, making plan
management efficient so you’re free to focus on your business. Your employees up can stay up-todate
through The Co-operators web services and informational newsletters.

Regulatory Compliance

The Co-operators write and file administrative contracts with the appropriate regulators and update
them as necessary for legislation or plan changes, providing services designed to exceed industry
governance (CAP Guideline) standards.

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