Here4You: Employee and Family Assistance Program


Reach out. Get help. Feel better.

Immediate and confidential support

You can trust the Here4You Employee and Family Assistance Program to help you and your family find solutions for a wide range of life’s challenges.

Caring professionals can help you access support related to:

• Fitness and physical health
• Mental health
• Relationships
• Nutrition and naturopathic medicine
• Finances
• Elder care
• Legal
• and much more

There are many ways to get help today – all completely confidential.

You and your eligible family members can receive support over the telephone, in person, online, and through a variety of health and wellness resources. For each concern you are experiencing, you can receive a series of private sessions with an expert.

Also take advantage of online tools to help manage your and your family’s health. Enjoy practical and fast support in a way that is most suited to your preferences, learning preference and lifestyle.

Solutions for a wide
range of life’s challenges

Let us help you:

Focus on your health
• Identify conditions
• Prevent illness
• Manage symptoms
• Discover natural healing strategies
• Create an action plan for better

Improve nutrition
• Weight management
• Boost energy and resilience
• High cholesterol
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Heart disease

Achieve well-being
• Stress
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Anger
• Crisis situations
• Life transitions

Find child and elder care
• Maternity and parental leave
• Adoption
• Child care services
• Schooling
• Adult day programs
• Nursing and retirement homes

Get legal advice
• Separation and divorce
• Civil litigation
• Custody and child support
• Wills and estate planning

Get financial guidance
• Credit and debt management
• Budgeting
• Bankruptcy
• Financial emergencies
• Changing circumstances

Deal with workplace challenges
• Work-life balance
• Conflict
• Career planning
• Bullying and harassment

Manage relationships and family
• Separation and divorce
• Elder care
• Relationship conflict
• Parenting
• Blended Family issues

Tackle addictions
• Alcohol
• Tobacco
• Drugs
• Gambling
• Other addictions
• Post-recovery support

Call for confidential and immediate support with your work, health and well-being 24/7/365.
Tel: 1.844.880.9142
TTY: 1.877.338.0275

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