Increase Productivity With Fitness in Your Workplace!

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No one enjoys sitting at your desk for 8 hours. Even the smartest minds can get lethargic after that long. This will result in declining employee productivity.

Do you find that your employees hit the 2:00pm wall? Fitness in your workplace can help fix that! In Japan, it’s not uncommon for the entire office to be involved in calisthenics every morning to start off the day. Now, were not saying that your company should do jumping jacks or skip rope every morning, but they’re are ways to increase the productivity with fitness in your workplace!

What are the benefits to implementing fitness into the workplace?

For one thing, it helps relieve stress. And who doesn’t want to relieve their stress?? Studies have shown that physical activity will help improve your physical and mental health. It will also have positive effects on your company. It will help to increase the productivity of the employees.

What are some small things you can implement into your daily routine?

Mobile Meetings

Sitting in a board room with florescent lighting for a few hours can be pretty exhausting. When you are finished the meeting you feel tired, and don’t know how you will be able to finish what has been assigned to you. How about making some of these meeting mobile? Now this can mean a variety of things. During the meeting, ask everyone to stand and do a stretch for 2 minutes. As a part of the meeting, before everyone goes back to their desks, go for a 5-minute walk. Or simply take the meeting outside. Going for a walk will elevate your heart rate and get the creative juices flowing! It’s also a beautiful change of scenery compared to a conference room.

Team Building Activities

There can be some small activities in the office for employees to be involved in together. Some offices have a pool table. Others have a dart board set up in a common area. Can you bring a mini football to work so you can throw the pig skin around for a break? Some set up work wellness programs. These activities will help to change the pace and scenery. Instead of staring at a computer screen, you can break up the day with some of these activities

Mini Breaks

Now, were not encouraging to waste time playing games all day. But, if your staring at the screen and you have hit the 2:00pm wall, you will do better to take a 5-minute break then to try and force yourself to continue.

Get up and be involved in a team building activity.

Go for a walk.

Instead of sitting at your computer, stand up. If you have a sit stand desk, maybe try and set a goal to work standing up for 2 hours everyday


If you implement this into your company it will increase your productivity. It will also increase morale. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours can make people grumpy. But, if they break up their day, change the scenery , and take some mini breaks, this will help everyone to be happy and healthy! Clear Benefits would be happy to help you with our pooled programs which focused on your new healthy lifestyle giving you complete coverage. Speak with an advisor today so that you can get on the road to a more porductive workplace

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Ways to Increase Productivity With Fitness in Your Workplace

Increase Productivity With Fitness in Your Workplace!

No one enjoys sitting at your desk for 8 hours. Even the smartest minds can get lethargic after that long. This will result in declining employee productivity. Do you find that your employees hit the 2:00pm wall? Fitness in your workplace can help fix that! In Japan,...
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