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Scientifically Proven Ways to Stay Happy at Work!


We are living in a busy world! Always on the go. This can make us feel overwhelmed, stressed or even unhappy when we get to work. What can we do? How can we be happy? We will talk about 5 ways that are scientifically proven to stay happy at work in a stress-filled world.

1. Choose to Be Happy from The Start of Your Day!

This, to me, is the most important one. How you feel in the morning, will affect how you feel for the rest of the day at work.

We are busy! We work, take care of our family, clean the house, bathe the kids, make lunches for school and/or work. This can easily make us feel overwhelmed, or even angry. We might feel like it’s a chore rather than being excited to tackle the workload. We need to choose to be happy. Choose positivity over negativity. Make this your habit. Wake up in the morning and be resolved to find happiness in things. Make it your intention.

Let go of negativity. Negativity will lead to stress. So be positive instead! Look for the good and the humor in life. Choosing to be happy is a change in your lifestyle for the better.

2. Help a Colleague

It is a fact that helping others makes you happy. While you are at work, look for these opportunities to lend a hand to your colleague.

This doesn’t mean you have to do all their work for them. Think of simple ways. Maybe you’re heading over to Starbucks during your break. Ask them to join you and buy them their coffee. Or surprise them and bring back their favorite drink. After a meeting, offer to type up notes and share it with them. See if they need help with their project. Doing simple things to help your colleagues, will make you happier at work, and it will also help your colleagues to be happier at work. It’s a win-win.

3. Exercise!!

You might not believe me, but studies show that a little bit of exercise during the day can change your mood. Make you feel better. It helps to change up your day. It’s proven that being active every day will help with depression and anxiety. Even though you feel tired after being active, you will feel self-accomplishment and it will make you feel good that you were active during your day!

This isn’t giving you the authority to take hours off of work to go for a run. But during your breaks or lunch, can you take 10 minutes to go for a walk, be in nature. This will help to keep you happy and motivated.

4. Get Beauty Sleep!!

Think of when you don’t get enough sleep. In the morning how do you feel? Usually, it’s really hard to wake up, you don’t want to go to work. But your force yourself out of bed and to get ready. Then your miserable all day at work.

Lack of sleep is usually when all your negative thinking and thoughts take control. You feel like this for most of the day. Everything is annoying. Like the colleague that won’t stop talking! Or the know it all in the meeting. When on a regular day, you get along fine with them! Many people suffer from sleep apnea but don’t give up. Why? We can offer help with sleep apnea and CPAP machines in our coverage plans.

However, when you get a good night’s rest when you wake up in the morning, the opposite is true. You feel refreshed, ready to take on the day! Get your beauty sleep! Put it on your calendar. Make a schedule for routine sleep. Now, I know that things come up and you can’t always go to sleep at the same time every night. Try to get as much sleep as your body needs to feel rested. For some 6 hours, others 8 hours. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. It helps shape your day.

5. End Your Workday with Positivity

We are conditioned to think negatively about ourselves. “I accomplished NOTHING today” or “I’m not good enough” “I’ll NEVER finish this project on time” Sound familiar? We are usually inclined to think about the negatives rather than the positives in life. So, at the end of your day, think of 2 or 3 things you did well today. Write them down. We have a hard time remembering things, so write them on a sticky note or have a positivity journal that you record all the good things you did. Make it a routine. Set an alarm on your phone, before you leave work write 2 things you did well.

Choose happy!

It’s not easy to be happy. But one of the most important things to remember is, it’s a choice! Try hard to work at it every day. When you wake up in the morning tell yourself “Today I will be happy!” and stick to it. Make a note on your work computer that says, “Be Happy!” Buy a letter board and fill it with positive messages. If something doesn’t go your way, laugh it off. Afterall, Laughter is the best medicine!

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