Group Plans

A better way to do benefits

Group Plans

A better way to do benefits

Group Plans

A better way to do benefits

Group Plans

A better way to do benefits

Group Plans

A better way to do benefits

Group Plans

A better way to do benefits is a Benefits Management company. Starting as a brokerage, we evolved and developed products and services that deliver what you expect a benefits program should be.

Whether you are looking for affordable stability, fully customized, or experienced management of an existing program, can help deliver the right program for your business.

The right approach for your business depends on:

How important is it to be able to reasonably budget for benefits costs?

How much risk are you willing to assume?

Would you prefer to transfer risk to the insurer?

our most popular programs

Essentials Program

Our most affordable plan features pooled rates & claims for Extended Healthcare and Dental. Rates are based on the average age, claims, size of the entire pool.

Lifestyle Program

Contemporary, preventative health focused coverage our staff want, with the enhanced coverage and rate stability your business needs

Other Programs

Experience-Based Program

By leveraging our experience and buying power of the pool, we can design and implement a successful, custom plan for your business.

Franchise Program

With special features available to the franchise industry, encompasses a pooled program that puts the entire franchise organization on the same cost structure.

Benefits Management can work with you to update, restructure, manage and service an existing benefits plan.

Group RRSP Program

Ideal for Groups of 3+  |  Lower Fees through Pooled MERs |  Simplified Set-up & Administration

why group benefits?

A Group Benefits program can make a company’s compensation package more competitive, making it easier to attract and retain valued staff.

  • Staff value having a benefits plan.
  • Employers are pleased with how affordable our plans can be.
  • Most employers share the cost of a plan 50/50 with their employees.

The value of benefits are remembered long after a cash raise would have been forgotten. Employees feel valued, resulting in a higher degree of company loyalty.

Submit the information below so we can provide you with a proper estimate of your company’s needs.

* Pooled quotes are usually ready within 1 -2 business days as we do them in-house.
**Custom quotes typically take between 5 – 7 business days.

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