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Let's tell you our story...

Our experience in the benefits-industry comes from the ‘ground up’. Over the years we have enrolled thousands of employees, having many one-on-one discussions and coming to understand the needs and desires of both employers and employees.

Started as a Brokerage

After 15 years on the individual side of the industry, we changed our focus exclusively to group benefits. Within a few months of making the change, we developed a process that resulted in becoming the single largest source of new business for the largest group benefits insurer in Canada for 5 years running.


We understand the needs and desires of people we work with.

Our focus is what you have to say “one on one”

What was our strategy, you might ask?

We discovered there was no organized process for marketing, selling, and servicing group benefits plans.  We appreciated that our clients and others we work with had the answers, so to get a clear understanding of their needs and desires we asked:

What goes right with a benefits plan, what goes wrong with a benefits plan?

Why do clients get a plan, why do they get rid of a plan?

What do clients pick a broker, why do they change a broker?

What are clients looking for?

What are insurers looking for?

Through a lot of questions, conversations, and a bit of trial and error, the answers became clear. The relevant stakeholders were looking for:

A plan that is affordable

The best opportunity for rate stability and predictability

A well-managed, designed plan that balances risk management while providing features attractive to staff.

Functions in the background most of the time

Effective answers and assistance with service issues when required

Pooled Program Launch

The only constant seems to be change. In mid 2006, a client asked if there was a way to combine a large number of employers together in one large buying group to stabilize rates.  It became apparent that there was a need in the industry that wasn’t being addressed. In March 2007 we launched our 1st pooled program.

More Changes
New products and services are introduced as we continue to grow and evolve. Here are some recent additions:

2018 – Experience-Based program

2018 – Benefits Management program

2019 – Core Essentials (our most affordable option)

2021 – Instant Quotes

2024 – Individual Benefits Program continues to grow and expand as we actively apply our core principles, placing us among the industry leaders in Canada.