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FAQ’s and Facts
Will my employees want a plan?
Overwhelmingly, YES. Almost all employees value a benefits plan far in excess of a cash raise.
Will my employees value the plan we choose?
Employees always seem to appreciate a benefits plan that provides good value. They could now have
affordable access to a wider variety of quality healthcare than they may normally afford for themselves
and their families (i.e. dental, prescriptions, vision, chiropractor etc.)
A healthier workforce means fewer sick days and less disruption for your business.
Is the plan affordable?
Employers are always pleased with how affordable our plans are.
We look at a variety of factors in order to match the right cost structure to your unique situation.
Should we share the cost of the plan with our employees?
Most employers share the cost of a plan 50/50 with their employees.
Generally employees expect there will be a cost sharing of the plan.
Can the “couple” rate apply to a single parent with 1 eligible dependent?
Yes. It can apply to a married couple, common-law spouses or a single parent with 1 eligible dependent.
Is there much on-going administration?
Not really. Normal ongoing administrator functions are just regular maintenance; adding/deleting
employee & dependent information and payroll deductions of the employee portion. Employees are
responsible for reporting any changes to the plan administrator, and for privacy, employees submit
claims directly to the insurer.
Will we have help with the initial set-up and on-going support?
Yes! We utilize a structured approach from our initial contact to the ongoing service.
Our structured approach is designed to ensure your plan runs smoothly, is kept current, contains costs,
and effectively eliminates common administrative issues that can arise.
How much will this cost?
We find that if the employer’s portion of the monthly premium is approx. 2.5—3.5% of payroll (based on a
50/50 cost sharing with the employees), both the employer and the employees are comfortable and feel
they are getting good value. Depending on the option selected, this can be more affordable than a cash
raise, with no additional EI, CPP or WCB contributions.
Starting a Benefits Plan
Which plan is right for us?
Each client has unique circumstances and similar needs
• Clients typically ask for a plan that is affordable with quality coverage and stable rates
• We recommend selecting a plan you are comfortable with, you can always upgrade later
Coverage levels directly affect rates
• Higher levels of coverage have higher premiums
• Decreasing levels of coverage have proportionately lower premiums
• Looking to contain costs? The only sustainable solution is to select a different coverage level
Pooled Programs pooled plans are ideal for clients wanting stable, predictable rates
• Shared risk through claims pooling makes our plans the easiest to budget for going forward
Experience-Based Program
Appropriate for clients that prefer a plan where rates are based on their own claims experience.
• This program features wholesale (pooled) TLR’s which can lower result in lower rates.
Benefits Management
Yes. We can typically manage an existing benefits plan with your current provider
• Ask about our Benefits Management services
What information is needed to get a quote?
No existing plan:
• Company contact information
• Employee information
Existing plan:
When a client decides to change suppliers, additional information will be requested. This simply provides the
quoting insurers the required information in order to properly assess risk.
• Company contact information
• Employee information
• Current plan design
• Claims and rate history

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Group Benefits – Program Information & Quote Forms

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Individual Coverages

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