Individual Insurance

Insurance tailored to your specific family needs

Financial Security for You and Your Family

Term Life Insurance

Coverage for temporary needs and specific time periods such as paying your mortgage, raising a family, paying off debt, personal loans and more! Typically provides higher amounts of coverage at a lower cost.

Individual Health/Dental Plans

Ideal coverage for individuals and Families not covered by an Employer-Sponsored Group Benefits plan,  part-time workers, those who are self-employed, contract workers, retirees and students.

Travel & International Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance, Immigrant & Visitor Insurance, International Health Insurance for Individuals, International Business Travellers & plans for employees working in another country

Start Comfortably With Today

The Individual Insurance Planner is designed to create a roadmap of your Basic Insurance Needs.

It is important to find a place to start, covering your most important insurance planning needs first.  Move forward with additional coverages as you are comfortable. It is important to update your Insurance Planner annually and/or as your life circumstances evolve (mortgage, loans, marital status, the addition of children, job changes etc)

Take action toward you and your family’s financial security today.

Where Do I Start?


Using our Individual Insurance Planner tool, create a roadmap of your basic insurance needs in just a few minutes.


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